Steering Committee

The Australasian Oncofertility Registry Steering Committee is responsible for the governance of the Australasian Oncofertility Registry (AOFR) and maintains confidence with all aspects of the study and with all parties. The Australasian Oncofertility Steering Committee is made up of 9 Chief Investigators and 4 Associate Investigators from the FUTuRE Fertility research team as well as two consumers from the Consumer Group, the National Project Manager and Data Custodian. This meeting is chaired by the Data Custodian and minuted by the National Project Manager.

This committee will meet twice a year and will be responsible for:

  • Development of the AOFR and any subsequent changes;
  • Conducting research to improve the safety, efficacy and quality of fertility preservation in cancer patients;
  • Develop and implement data access, data security and data confidentiality policies;
  • Scientific review and data monitoring of the Fertility in-line with good clinical practice;
  • Interpretation of AOFR data in relation to quality assurance and human research ethics compliance;
  • Benchmarking and producing annual reports and for the dissemination of research findings;
  • Education and promotion of evidence-based fertility preservation best practice;
  • Review of new research projects by the FUTuRE Fertility Team or other Oncofertility colleagues
  • International benching which will involve liaison and collaboration with international bodies, in order to conduct comparative international analysis.