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The FUTuRE Fertility Research Team (Fertility Understanding Through Registry and Evaluation) has established the first web-based, multi-site ‘Australasian Oncofertility Registry’ (AOFR) collecting international data from cancer and fertility centres. This study is co-developed by the The Kids Cancer Centre at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre at The Prince of Wales Hospital, The Royal Hospital for Women and The University of New South Wales with a national group of chief investigators.

Outcomes from the registry will monitor uptake and use of fertility preservation, future use and complications of assisted reproductive treatments providing clinicians with accurate risk projections for patient’s future infertility (reproductive health) and assisting clinicians in making recommendations for fertility preservation and assisted reproductive practices. Finally, we will use data from the AOFR and Medicare to perform a cost modelling health economics study. The FUTuRE Fertility research team will also develop biological, medical and psychosocial studies using the AOFR cohort.

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