Lead Investigator Group

To ensure the success of this project in each state we have a an Investigator group which reports to the Steering Committee. This group consists of a fertility and cancer specialist from each state and territory of participating centres in Australia and New Zealand as well as the Lead Clinician, the National Project Manager and the Data Custodian.

The role of the lead investigator team will be to:

  • Provide feedback about local changes regarding the study protocol in each state based on local practices or access to services;
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and management of the clinical research assistant in their state and manage the reporting process for this position;
  • Provide assistance to local principle investigators about any issues that arise with study recruitment or data entry in their state;
  • Provide assistance to local principle investigators and the clinical research assistant about any study governance issues that may arise;
  • Be responsible for managing, monitoring, and ensuring the integrity of any collaborative relationships with stakeholders;
  • Feedback to the CI team about any state based governance issues;
  • Provide guidance to the Australasian Oncofertility Registry Steering group about the study management, conduct, and reporting of the research project at least once a year;
  • Assist with the dissemination of results and information stemming from the FUTuRE Fertility studies locally and work collaboratively with the FUTuRE Fertility Research team on the implementation of research outcomes.

The lead investigators will be acknowledged in the Australasian Oncofertility Registry report and all registry publications. The lead investigator group will be reimbursed for taking part in any meetings.